10 Places to Visit in Portugal

Today I’m starting a series of posts about this beautiful country I know and love.

Portugal has been on the news for not so good reasons in the past few years. The country was nearly bankrupt and needed outside assistance, but since then, it reinvented itself and became a mecca for travelers and tourists from all around the world.

But what’s so special about it, that has everybody with their eyes set on this country by the sea? Is it the yummy food, with young and brilliant chefs reinventing classic dishes in all of the main cities? Is it the people that are welcoming and approachable, and are always ready to help? Is it the beaches, breathtaking and immense, scattered all over its massive coast?

Well, the answer is all the above and much more.

In this series of blog posts, I’ll make you travel to beautiful major cities and small towns and villages that you probably never heard about. I’ll show you hidden gems you never thought existed and reveal the little quirks that make this country so unique.

Stick around. I promise it will be worthy of your time.

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